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Colleen Valles

Impactful content 
for Sustainability Professionals

What if you could …

 … attract more customers by publicizing your sustainability work in a relevant, compelling way?

… send a company-wide email to employees that would get them excited about your sustainability efforts?

 … generate more leads with a compelling white paper?

 impress your shareholders with a speech on your corporate social responsibility efforts?

 That’s where I come in. I have years of experience crafting authentic, impactful content that can make your business stand out. 

Why me?


 I’m a writer who gets it. 

I spent a decade as a reporter, including covering the environment beat for the Associated Press. I further developed my interest in the environment and sustainability by covering land use, environmental management and transportation issues for an elected official at the county level.

I know how to get the word out.

I joined the county’s water agency during one of the worst California droughts in decades. There I helped executives and elected board members convey the messages about water conservation that led to a nearly 30 percent drop in water usage in a county of 2 million people.

I know how to handle sticky situations.

Years of media experience have shown me the best strategies to use when things don’t go as planned. Careful, consistent and truthful messaging can ease the difficulty. I can help you develop the right strategy and messages.

If you’d like to see some of my work, just ask! I’m happy to send along samples.



Blog Posts

  • Let you tell your own story with your own personality.
  • Help you get found in searches.
  • Help you connect with the public.

Bylined Articles

  • Showcase your efforts.
  • Establish you as a thought leader.
  • Generate buzz.
  • Help you tell your story.

Case Studies

  • Show how your corporate social responsibility efforts have benefitted a customer, organization, industry or group of people.

White Papers

  • Generate leads by highlighting your knowledge and the benefits you provide.
  • Support your position as an industry leader.

Web Copy

  • Tells your story the way you want.
  • Educates customers because that’s where people go to learn more.

... and More!

  • I can help you strategize the best ways to achieve your goals through impactful communications.

Email Newsletters

  • Reach your fans.
  • Keep you top-of-mind with potential customers.
  • Build confidence in your abilities and knowledge.

Lead the charge with impactful content. Don’t miss out!

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